Fresh Roasted Coffee made by a few friends down the street

Lets face it, its fun to work with addictive chemicals ie. Beer, tacos, BBQ pork. As the need and opportunity grew to make our own coffee we jumped to it. Each restaurant has a unique way of serving HOTBOX. CYCLHOPS pioneered the French press, by “pioneered” I mean new to us. Oskar Blues HMLS, CHUBurger and The Original in Lyons like to keep things traditional with a drip system. Just like our knobby tire brethren would agree, “don’t need no fancy whippy dip on this cup of Joe!”

Hotbox Roasters specializes in roasting the highest quality, fair-trade, single-sourced coffee beans and making them available to coffee fiends in Colorado as well as nationwide via a tiered subscription service.

The company currently produces three different roasts from Kenya, Bolivia, and Indonesia, and will be adding premium beans from other regions over time. Hotbox Roasters also plans to work closely with brewers around the country to provide custom-roasted coffee beans to be used in craft brews as the popularity of coffee-infused beer explodes.

“Canning the coffee seals in the flavor better, not only when we produce it, but also when you reseal it at home,” explains Chief Coffee Dude and Head Roaster Derek Palmer. “If you’re going to be fair-trade, you should be fair to the planet – so it’s recyclable. And it’s easier to seal a can on a camping or bike trip than a bag.”

“Hotbox Roasters is something that’s been “brewing” at Oskar Blues for some time and is now ready to turn the fast-growing craft coffee scene on its head a bit, thanks to Dale’s experimentation and growing interest in coffee roasting,” continued Derek Palmer. “Roasted or toasted, Oskar Blues now has you covered. We take sourcing, roasting and the benefits of canning extremely seriously, but we’re never going to stop having fun and playing hard. Oskar Blues loyalists and coffee addicts overall deserve a good frickin’ cup of coffee that’s not pretentious.”