Oskar Blues Fooderies are Living the Blue Dream!

Living the blue dream y’all! OB is known for being a bunch of hop head baddasses. So lets make an IPA!

Why simply Oskar Blues IPA? The brew team has created another hop-forward but smooth Oskar Blues beer that offers an intense aroma and punchy mouthfeel. A variety of Australian hops, grown in Victoria and Tasmania, and hand-chosen by OB brewers, plus a grain bill featuring flaked red wheat give Oskar Blues IPA a sticky fruit smooth flavor punctured by a bitter earthiness.

“The Australian hops impart very juicy and sweet aromas, featuring notes of passion fruit, red currant, pinot gris, raspberries, pineapple, peach and citrus,” says Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues head of brewing operations. “A solid mix of malt barley and red wheat creates a clean malt backbone with just enough flavor and mouthfeel to support the main act from the hops.”

Oskar Blues IPA comes in at 6.43 percent ABV and 65 to 80 IBUs, making it an unique addition to the Oskar Blues portfolio.

Look for this new year-round addition to the OB beer line-up in 12-ounce CANs in liquor stores, bars, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores starting in August. #obipa #bluedream