“PATO Carnitas” By Any Other Name

After opening Cyclhops, we began toying with fusing techniques. One of my all-time favorite dishes is Duck a l’orange. Canard à l’Orange is a classic French dish in which a duck is roasted and served with an orange sauce. The Italians claim it migrated from Italy to France, but who’s keeping score?

This dish consists of a classic preparation of curing and slow cooking duck in its rendered fat. Once the duck is tender and ready it is cooled in the subsequent fat and cooled. On the pick-up we pull the duck from the braising liquid and fat and crisp the skin and warm the meat through. Typically this is finished with an orange glaze that is sticky and scrumptious!

The idea of carnitas has some similarities utilizing manteca or pork fat to braise the pork until it is tender and crispy. My thought was, to connect these 2 techniques, quick curing the duck over night with salt orange and sugar and the slow cooking it with Manteca for 4 hours. And Duck carnitas was born!

To complete the dish we still crisp the skin on the pick-up. In this case we made a chipotle agave. Still “sticky sweat delishesness”, but with a little heat and smoke. A real highlight to our style.